Loudwater & Beyond

Session 9

Game session 9: “If you go down to the woods today….” As the last of the icy cocoon fell away the air was split with a bone chilling roar from the north-west, none looked more shocked than Thoradin as a supressed memory resurfaced of a leering hobgoblin face mounted on dragonback, laughing as his eladrin mentor lay dying.

With the weather and the forest returning to normal our intrepid band set off back to Loudwater to resupply and recover. Unfortunately, they fey-inhabited forest had other ideas and it wasn’t long before they ran afoul of the creatures within.


A group of fey panthers and an elven archer ambushed they party, though the tables were turned when the mighty Goliath charged the archer, first smashing him into the air, and before he could recover hammering him to the ground. Satisfied that his foe wasnt going to get back up he immediately engaged another of the panthers. The rest of the party managed to weather the assault with minor wounds also, before continuing their journey.

Several hours marching later, the forest threw up another surprise as a very grumpy owlbear waylaid our weary band.


Garusk, Thoradin, and Fargrim charged the creature, hoping to overwhelm it but it proved more resilient and released its shrill screech, stunning the trio. Before Fargrim could recover the owlbear had grabbed him in its mighty claws and only the timely intervention of his allies helped free him before it could rend him with its deadly beak. As Li joined the fray the beast began to show signs of weakening and the found herself in the terrible embrace. It was a close call but eventually the heroes managed a victory but needed to find a secure site to recover and lick their wounds.

Setting of refreshed once more (with Garusk wearing his new owlbear loincloth), the increasingly anxious band surprised a band of orcs. The greenskins proved no obstacle and a search of their corpses revealed that they were a raiding party of the Bloodreaver’s. Li was happy to discover an exquisite short sword in their loot.

Finally clearing the confines of the forest and with Loudwater in sight our weary heroes hearts lifted, until they heard the howls and jeers of a group of the blue-skinned goblins mounted on wolves chasing after them. Swiftly gaining the upperhand our merry band soon despatched all but one of their foes, the last one fleeing back into the wilderness, its tail between its leg, and the flagons of the Green Tankard Tavern beckoned.



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