Loudwater & Beyond

Session 25

The party continued to question their prisoner, Mikus Gravelstoke.

What the Nighthawks’ are trying to achieve?
Nighthawks are the assassin group being used by the followers of Karsus to intimidate and control the peoples of the North through assassination and political pressure.

What foul master they serve?
While the Gravelstokes command the assassins, the Nighthawks as a whole answer to seven sorcerous acolytes of Karsus, known simply as The Seven

What unique powers the other Gravlestokes have?
All Gravelstokes share the “curse” of petrifying their foes, a result of their time trapped in the Shadowfell.

What Nighthawk strongholds exist?
Several cells throughout region, but mainly within allies existing strongholds. One of the leaders is below Thunderspire.

Why they have gone to such lengths to kill us and how we can make peace?
The party interfered with The Seven’s plans for Loudwater and its regions, drew too much attention to their activities forcing them to amend their plans, so a price was put on their heads.

How they are finding Shards?
At first he claimed he just goes/kills where he’s instructed, but Æðelric could tell he was lying, eventually admitted the Seven are directed to them by a “Higher power”.

How are they involved in the recent Spellguard activity?
Mikus looked genuinly surprised, he knows nothing about Spellgard or any activity around it.

After discussing what to do with Mikus amongst themselves it was agreed that they couldnt put others at risk leaving as a prisoner within Everlund nor could they let him go, and so Li calmly slit his throat, ending his miserable existence once more, before instructing the dwarven priests to dispose of the body carefully.

After gathering necessary supplies they set back onto the trail towards Silverymoon, encountering an attempted ambush en route that had been set to look like a ravaged camp in a small dell off the main route. Several human thugs pretended to be corpses as a trio of grey-skinned female warriors, covered in scars and peircings attacked from hiding using exotic looking daggers and some form of shadow-manipulation. The thugs soon didnt have to pretend any more but the shadow trio proved a little more troublesome. Our heroes were eventually victorious, Æðelric and Li taking the last warrior down as it attempted to flee, before continuing onwards.

Reaching the slendorous city, Æðelric took advantage of the facilities for magical study to increase his ritual prowess while the rest of the party relaxed at an inn, apart from Li who decided to visit a more risque establishment for her relaxation.

Refreshed and revived they set off once more towards the Glimmerwood, Fenrir realised that they would be passing close to his parents farm, and a slight detour was made to pay a respectful visit. The ruined remains of the farmhouse looked as if they had been kept tidy and weed free and as they investigated further they discovered a grave marker had been laid within. Fenrir was touched that someone had took the time to mark his parents passing with such reverence and vowed to avenge them should his path ever cross with that of Commander Kolya again. Their reverie was disturbed by the sound of approaching horses and the party took up hidden defensive positions as a group of two dozen riders passed by without apparently noticing them.

Resuming the journey they reach the outer edge of the Glimmerwood and as evening approached decided to make camp under the eaves of the forest. As they began to settle down the sound of howling could be heard far off, carried on the winds. Taking turns to sit watch, Æðelric wasn’t surprised when a pair of red eyes watching him from the shadows moved forward as a large grey furred wolf sat just within the fires light regarding him curiously. Æðelric spoke reassuringly to the beast, making no sudden moves and noting two more pairs of eyes still within the concealing darkness. Æðelric was just about to move closer when a long plaintive howl echoed through the woods and the lithe shapes of the wolves melted swiftly into the darkness once more.

The remainder of their evening went undisturbed, and as they packed their camp once more they prepared to enter the territory of Æðelric’s tribe.



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