Loudwater & Beyond

Session 24

As the heroes approached the city of Everlund they spied a trio of guards manning the gateway, though the traffic seemed to be passing through unimpeeded. At their approach the guards straightened up, realising this was more than just a merchant caravan and stopped the heroes, enquiring as to their business. While Aetholric and Fenrir explained their intent one of the guards noticed the slumped form of Mikus Gravelstoke tied to one of the horses and asked what was wrong with him, “A fellow traveller we came across that is in need of priestly aid” the heroes replied and the guards let them through, albeit with raised eyebrows and a few second glances.

Following Fenrir’s lead they headed to the compact temple of Moradin to see if Fenrir’s associate Jeren was in attendance. One of the brethren fetched the half-elf from his studies and they became acquainted. After explaining the predicament of their petrified companions and the incapacitated culprit responsible the dwarves of the temple were more than willing to provide the necessary ritual to bring the miscreant back to life in order to save a paladin of their god and his companion.

With an evening to spare the remaining heroes decided to find local information on Nighthawk activity and followed Li’s lead to the local house of easy (though moderately priced) virtue. Discovering that aside from the occassional lone sighting, the Nighthawks had no discernable presence within the city. Satisfied with the information the heroes retired to Aetholric’s former abode, the home of Mendohl Harpell. Easily recalling the incantation to release the wards, Aetholric opened the doors for his friends and they entered. With his increased knowledge the wizard was keen to investigate his mentors private study, previously beyond his ability to enter. With Li’s assistance in removing the mundane trap Aetholric subdued the protective glyph and stepped into the study. Expecting to find a veritable hoard of arcane knowledge they were a little dissappointed to find the shelves almost empty, a few minor ritual books being all that remained. On Mendohl’s stone desk a few scattered papers remained, detailing troop movements of the Netherese within the Fallen Lands, though dated several months ago. As Aetholric examined the trio of draws within the desk, Li began to search the walls for hidden compartments and such like. As the wizard discovered a collection of glass flasks and diary, the rogue found a hidden door and its activating push plate, happy that they weren’t trapped she pressed it and the door slid inwards to reveal a steep, narrow staircase leading downwards.

Leading the way down Li stopped halfway, her acute senses picking out the trigger for a trio of pendulum scythes, after defeating them with her trusting tools she declared the rest of the way clear and the party found themselves in a chamber lined with shelves. One side filled with spell and ritual compnents and the other with larger jars contianing preserved creatures (whole or just parts thereof). The only other exit was a heavy steel door opposite the stairway. With a good search both Li and Aetholric were sure that the door was safe to open, and when they did so they found the chamber beyond. A carved, stone lectern stood within a protective circle etched into the stone floor, and beyond that a larger circle was also carved carefully into the surface with many deep gouges within its centre and burn marks. Aetholric identified it as a summoning circle, but when his companions asked he didnt recall Mendohl actually summoning any creatures that he knew off.

Returning to the above ground chambers, Aetholric perused the diary, discovering that his mentor had confided with an ally named Eaerlraun Shadowlyn at the Moongleam tower. As they had to wait until the morning for the results of the dwarves ritual, they decided to enquire of Lady Shadowlyn, and set off to Moongleam tower.

They were met by one of the students of the tower and awaited an audience with the Lady, before long the elderly woman appeared and escorted them to a private chamber to discuss their enquiries about her friend Mendohl. She receognised Aetholric, though he didnt recall ever meeting her before, and in the course of their conversation it was revealed that Mendohl was investigating Netherese advances in the area of Saharelgard (now known as Spellgard) and their intent to control the oracular spirit that was reportedly found their.

She also gave them the welcome news that Sebren the Magistrate had been overthrown in Loudwater and that the Lady Moonfire had assumed control of her town once more after Sebren’s allies had raided the militia headquarters, releasing a prisoner and injuring Captain Harrowleaf. Reports pointed that he was headed northwards along the Delimbyr.

Returning to Mendohls home they rested, feeling safe from their troubles for the first time in days. In the morning they returned to the temple to find their prisoner alive and awake, securely shackled in what the dwarves politely called a meditative cell. As the heroes entered one of the priests suggested that if the scurvy cur accidently fell down the stairs it would be a problem, and that as none were in the cell he would be more than happy to fetch some. The heroes politley declined and began their questioning of Mikus. Forcing him to press his bloody palm over the hearts of their petrified friends and thus restoring them. As they continued to question him, Fargrim and Father Tully took their respective leave Roll of the Honoured Dead. Finding themselves in need of a companion with healing skills Fenrir’s associate Jeren offered his services and joined their happy band.


Does the temple of Morodin have anyone who can cast the Discern Lies ritual, or provide me with a ritual book of it to cast it myself? How about speak with dead?

Session 24

As the temple in Everlund is little more than a glorified shrine they dont have access to those rituals there, but the high priests at the temple of Moradin in Sundabar are capable of both of those rituals.

Session 24

Ok, so you wanted some questions from us. I would like to gather whomever has decent intimidation skills or keen insight, to assist me when we interrogate Mikus, not expecting him to tell us anything but hoping we’ll read his lies (my Insight is +12). Hopefully intimidation and a little rough handling will encourage him to at least answer us, if not truthfully or at great length. I think Æðelric is above actual torture. I would ask:

Do the Nighthawks/Gravelstokes have any strongholds outside of Netheril? In Luruar?
What is their connection with the Bloodreavers?
Are they behind the Netherese activities around Spellgard?
Why have their men been seeking to assassinate us?
How precisely does their divination magic locate the shards they seek?

I don’t have my PHB with me, so I don’t know how helpful discern lies would be (mostly the rituals seem pretty disappointing). It might be that it would be worth us buying it for use on this guy. It also might be that Lady Shadowlyn could be recruited to help us if she knows it herself? Worth a try, she could keep her identity hidden, perhaps cast it from hiding so he doesn’t know it’s in effect? Wish I knew what it did :S Might check later.

Session 24

Æðelric would be interested in talking With Lady Shadowlyn about the Harpers as much as she is willing. Mendhol educated him in the philosophy of ‘good’ but he didn’t really get it, raised as he was amongst the Grey Wolf tribe. He is intrigued by it and hovering around the edge of his ‘neutral’ attitude, so he wants to know more about what the Harpers do, and why they do it.

He lets her know that we seem to have made enemies of the Nighthawks, and asks if she would give us any help with that? For example with ritual casting as above, or perhaps teaching me some rituals, or lending enchanted items she might have, or with information about our foes (what can she tell us about the Gravelstokes?).

Also like to ask if she knows anything about what methods they might be using to locate the shards of Karsus that Mikus said he’s looking for? I won’t tell her that we have one, just that we’d like to foil them if possible.

Also does she think there’s a secure way to keep Mikus prisoner? He’s worth more alive, but better dead than rescued.

Ooh, and what does she know about Lady Moonfire?

Session 24

SO, do we still have questioning of Mikus to do? I don’t remember that being resolved? I also recall battling Nighthhawks in Everlund no? Just wondered if there was another game session we had that didn’t gte a write up.

Session 24

You havent missed a write up. Mikus hasnt been questioned fully as yet.

Session 24

Ok, and you asked about what questions we wanted to ask.

From Mikus Æðelric wants answers regarding:

  1. What the Nighthawks’ are trying to achieve
  2. What foul master they serve
  3. What unique powers the other Gravlestokes have
  4. What Nighthawk strongholds exist
  5. Why they have gone to such lengths to kill us and how we can make peace
  6. How they are finding Shards
  7. Are they involved in the recent Spellguard activity (I see there could be a link between these 2 questions and would be on the look out for ‘tells’ or clues from him to confrim or deny)
Session 24

Æðelric would like to ask Shadowlyn:

  • If she has any useful info on the Gravelstokes or Nighthawks
  • If she/The Harpers can give us any help in terms of items, rituals etc in our struggle against the Netherese
  • Does she have any idea how the Nighthawks are finding shards of Karsus? Could the ghost of Lady Saharel be helping them?
Session 24

Also of Shadowlyn I would ask her, if she can, to disenchant the ogre king relics I’m still carrying. Don’t remember what level items they are. And I’m looking to learn the Fool’s Gold ritual if she has access to it, or knows where I might find it?

Session 24

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