Roll of the Honoured Dead

Those that have fallen, but are not forgotten.

Fargrim (Dwarf Paladin)(not dead, but after being unpetrified decided to take a sabatical and seek the wisdom of Moradin)

Father Tully (Half-elf Cleric)(not dead, but after being unpetrified, realised that the world is too dangerous for his pacifistic tendancies and returned to the temple of Silvanus in Loudwater to continue his studies with Brother Griffon)

Garusk (Goliath Barbarian)

Thoradin Earthblood (Dwarf Druid)

Gnarsh (Half-Orc Ranger)

Richard D’eath (Human Paladin)

Rhogar (Dragonborn Warlord)

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Roll of the Honoured Dead

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