Power Groups

Known power groups in the area.

Zelbross Bandits
This ragged band of slave-traders were working out of the ruined temple of Tyr at Zelbross, known to have dealings with the dwarf, Zark.

Southwood Goblins
The Southwood abounds with Goblins, the most recent threat that they posed was under the leadership of their High Shaman, Sancossug, in his attempt to ressurect the Ogre King to lead them greatness.

Bloodreaver Clan Orcs
A bloodthirsty orc clan, even by orcish standards, rumoured to be responsible for several disappearances in the area of goods and people. They are led by Chief Krand.

Frost Goblins
These strange blue-skinned goblins have been seen in the area of the Dire Wood and Loudwater recently. Most folk believe that with the weather patterns returning to normal these nuisances will also disappear.

Uthgardt Barbarian tribes
The name shared by several tribes of human nomads that occupy wilderness areas within Luruar and the High Forest, referred to by others as “Uthgardt barbarians.”

Serpent Folk of Najara
Nagas, yuan-ti, and lizardfolk inhabit this monstrous realm. Najara encompasses the eastern reaches of the High Moor, the Serpent Hills, the Forest of Wyrms, the Marsh of Chelimber, and the river valleys that meander through the area. Its center lies in the Serpent Hills. For all its size, the existence of the realm remains a point of debate, because it is not a state or country in the human sense of those terms—the monstrous denizens of the region don’t patrol their borders or carry on any sort of commerce or relations with nearby lands.

The Nighthawk Assassins
This group seems to have arisen from within a demon-worshipping cult from Returned Netheril. They have an agenda known only to themselves and their demonic masters which may or may not coincide with that of Netheril’s rulers, the Princes of Shade.

The Iron Circle
Former bandit company that now runs the town of Llorkh from the fortified Iron Keep overlooking the town.

Harpers of Luruar
The Faerûn-spanning organization known as the Harpers disbanded nearly a century ago. However, in the city of Everlund is Moongleam Tower, a Harper hold of old. When Netheril returned, a remnant of the old organization re-formed. Under the current leadership of Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, the small organization is dedicated to one purpose: opposing the growing power of the Shadovar.

Today, Moongleam Tower serves as the only known Harper hold in all Faerûn. Rather than housing Harpers, the clandestine leadership based in the tower is a patron to all who wish to take the secret pledge against the Shadovar and all ill that emerges from Shadow.

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