Party Information

This page is for the players to share game info we wish to. For example if you know what rituals Æðelric has mastered you can consider borrowing a book to master it yourself, and you will doubtless think of using them times when he fails to.

Æðelric’s rituals:
Animal Messenger
Discern Lies
Enchant Magic Item
Fool’s Gold
Gentle Repose
Hand of Fate
Linked Portal
Magic Mouth
Make Whole
Secret Page
Spirit Voices (Comprehend Languages)
Tenser’s Floating Disc
Uthgardt Endurance (Endure Elements)
Water Walk
Watchful Spirit (Eye of Alarm)



Some money

5 riding horses
1 pack horse
Barge loaded with some brandy (at Llork)
Unspecified supplies from Nazim Redthorn
+1 Master’s Wand of Magic Missile

Fenrir wish list
• Body
o Enduring Spirit Vestments +2 level 7 PHB2
• Weapon
o Subtle Execution axe +1 level 3 AV
o Bloodclaw Execution axe +2 level 7 AV
• Head
o Reading Spectacles level 2 AV
o Circlet of Indomitability level 8 AV
o Diadem of Acuity level 8 PHB
o Starlight Goggles level8 AV
• Neck
o Cloak of the walking wounded +2 level 9 AV
o Cloak of Survival +2 level 9 PHB
o Amulet of Vigor +2 level 9 AV2
o Periapt of cascading +2 level 10 DM369
• Arms
o Iron Armbands of Power level 6 AV
• Hands
o Gauntlets of blood level 4 AV2
o Luckbender gloves level 6 AV
• Rings
• Waist
o Ironskin Belt level 5 PHB
o Belt of Sacrifice level 7 PHB
o Belt of Vim level 8 PHB
• Boots
o Boots of the fencing master level 7 AV
o Boots of quickness level 8 AV
o Boots of striding level 9 PHB
• Holy Symbol
o Symbol of Daring +1 level 5 AV2

Li wish list
LVL 2 : Bracers of the Perfect Shot (PHB)/ Acrobatic Boots (PHB)/Reading Spectacles (AV)
LVL 3 : Swiftshot Handcrossbow +1, Sylvan Leather Armour +1
LVL 4 : Felyleaf Vambraces (AV)/ Gauntlets of Blood (AV2)/Wavestrider Boots (PHB)
LVL 5 : Lifedrinker Shortsword +1/ Boots of spider climbing (PHB)/Barbed Baldric (AV)
LVL 6 : Luckbender Gloves (AV)/ Goblin Stompers (AV)
LVL 7: Bracers of Defense (PHB)/ Elven Cloak +2 (PHB)
LVL 8: Eye of Deception (AV)/ Starlight Goggles (AV)/Baldric of Tactical Positioning (AV)
LVL 9: Gloves of Storing (AV)

Æðelric Wish List
2) Gem of Colloquy
3) Petrified Orb of Forceful Magic
4) Orb of The Sympathetic Eye
5) Goggles of Aura Sight
6) Cloth Armour +2
7) Repulsion Armour +2
8) Petrified Orb of Inescapable Consequences +2
9) Boots of Eagerness / Elven Chain
10) Diamond Cincture
11) Circlet of Mental Onslaught
12) Repulsion Armour +3
13) Petrified Orb of Indefatigable Concentration +3
14) Robe of Contingency +3

Wrynn wish list
vistani tambourine +w level 2 dragon magazine 380
mule back harness level 2
lucky charm +1 level 4 av2
resplendent gloves level 5 av2
resplendent boots level 6 av2
phrenic crown level 7 av brother in arms
staff of tongues +2 level 7 ph3
Skald’s Leather armour +2 Lvl 8 PHB2
Harsh Songblade Shortsword +2 Lvl 8 PHB2

Party Information

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