Loose Ends

It can be hard to hold all the threads of the story together in our heads. The following are unresolved plot elements to remember and discuss if so inclined. Being a wiki page anyone can edit this. H.

Nighthawk Assassins – causing us much trouble and very tough in combat. Numbers and resources unknown. Some have headed to Thuderspire recently.

Sebren – a very naughty man with too much power in Loudwater, needs removing ASAP. Linked with Nighthawks

Garwan – potentially innocent uncle of Zark who disappeared. Kidnapped? Complicit? The curiosity shop isn’t trading without him to run it.

Wrynn – A tiefling bard with a mysterious past, claims to have amnesia. His erstwhile companions were taken to the Bloodreaver orcs

Bloodreavers – Led by Chief Krand, these naughty guys were influencing the Southwood goblins, perhaps involved with the Zelbross bandits? Generally big trouble, unknown if they associate with the Nighthawks.

The Grey Wolf Tribe – AEthelric’s tribesfolk, have been corrupted by the influence of a very naughty Malarite shaman (who slew AEthelric’s father incidentally) and are causing increasing mischief in Luruar. Malar The Beastlord is the most hated foe of Father Tully’s Deity Silvanus.

Commander Acastus Kolya – The man who killed Fenrir’s parents and seems to be involved with raiding gangs of kobolds in the northern High Forest area of Luruar.

Loose Ends

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