Formerly a Zhentarim stronghold and staging point for the Black Network, with the return of Netheril and the Spellplague the Zhents lines of supply were cut and their powerbase in the North destroyed. The Iron Circle stepped into the power void left by the Zhentarim bringing a semblance of order and civility to the leaderless town. While the former bandits still waylay the odd caravan, they welcome visitors and traders to their town, as long as its to their advantage.

1. The Broken Goal – Formerly a tavern, this building is now used by the Iron Circle to keep watch on the road into Llorkh.

2. Iron Keep – The Iron Keep serves as the headquarters of the Iron Circle and home to Nazin Redthorn its leader. Approximately 60 elite members of the Iron Circle are stationed here at any one time, with another 120 lower tier members throughout Llorkh.

3. Cliffside Brewery and Tavern – Run by Dannurk, his brother Omurk and his wife Dathilda. It is usually frequented by off-duty Iron Circle members, most townsfolk have little to celebrate.

4. Old Kellers place – Home to Old Keller, a dwarven stonemason in charge of maintaining the keep.

5. Grimbold’s House – Home to Grimbold Fourstag, local hunter, and his family.

6. Tower of Green Flame – A mysterious crystalline spire rising from the hillock to overlook the town. Rumoured to have been the residence of a mighty wizard destroyed during the Spellplague. Townsfolk avoid the place, fearing whatever arcane traps and wards may still be in place, though the occassional youth will approach it at night on a dare, none have dared to enter.

7. Trading Post – Ran by Rennis, who at first glance appears dwarven but is just a short, fat human. Never turns down an opportunity for a quick profit as he has to make up for the “discount” he has to give Iron Circle members for their continued “good faith and protection”.

8. House of Tyranny – Temple dedicated to Bane, built during the the of the Zhentarim occupation, this fortified temple now holds shrines to Chauntea and Tempus, though there is no standing clergy.

9. Nonnie’s Place – A short, ruddy-cheeked woman, Nonnie runs her small inn with its kitchen and common room for the few visitors to Llorkh that do not guest with the Iron Circle. She encourages guests to call her “Auntie Nonnie” and serves home-cooked meals.

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