Loudwater & Beyond

Session 6

Our intrepid heroes handed over their prisoners (Zark and the remaining barge operator) to the Loudwater militia, trusting justice to be done. While there Captain Harrowleaf introduced them to another pair of adventurers looking to make a name for themselves. The hulking Goliath, Garusk, and his lithe associate Li, who after an evening of discussion and much brandy joined our merry band.

Fearing the slavers would try to recover the barge, Æðelric and Thoradin decided to lie in wait on board. Their prudence paid off in the early hours of the morning, as three furtive figures snuck aboard the snow covered deck, though they soon wished they hadn’t as the wizard and druid made short work of them.

In the morning Captain Harrowleaf revealed that under interrogation Zark had revealed the slavers were holed up in a disused temple of Tyr just outside Zelbross. The heroes set off to investigate further.

Arriving near the temple Li scouted forward, her stealth training letting her discover several bandits hidden in wait amongst the ruins, unfortunately her aim was a little off and her crossbow shot which should have taken the nearest sentry out merely alerted him to the party’s presence.

Several thugs armed with cheap maces rushed to the attack, led by a swarthy man in heavy chain. Battle was joined with the thugs menacing the druid, wizard and rogue, while the doughty paladin charged the man in chain in an effort to prevent bringing his deadly looking crossbow into play.

Another figure appeared from deeper within the ruins, human in shape but scaled, and the barbarian Garusk charged towards him.

Marsh mystic (image courtesy of “Riverwind the Plainsman” – a dragonlance novel)

The melee was brutal, with several members of the party being repeatedly dazed by the mace attacks of the thugs, and the barbarian taking the brunt of the marsh mystics poison cloud attacks, but eventually, bruised and battered, the heroes prevailed.

A thorough search of the bandits and the ruins revealed a dozen children caged ready for sale as slaves and the treasure cache of their captors.

While the heroes decided on their next course of action they noticed a group of the strange, blue-skinned goblins approaching. Though outnumbered more than 2:1 the party made short work of the smurf-like attackers. A search of their corpses revealed a small amount of gold, some healing potions and around the goblin spellcasters neck, a chain sporting the symbol of Auril the Frostmaiden.

With their base raided, is this the end of the Zelbross Bandits? What was their connection to the reptilians? What sentance have the Loudwater Magistrate’s handed out to Zark and his asscociate? Where are these blue-skinned goblins with a penchant for ice magic coming from, and why?

Session 5

After a brief rest, albeit interrupted by a minor skirmish with some nosy Orcs, the intrepid heroes returned to the surface. A crisp fresh snowfall covered the courtyard as they set out for Loudwater.

En route they encountered some strange blue-skinned goblins that seemed to relish the cold weather.

Upon reaching Loudwater they reported to Lady Moonfire, trading the severed head of Sancossug for the promised reward. Then they trundled to the docks to see if they could sell the paired Horn Totems from the Barrow to Zark. Banjo the halfling rogue spotted two individuals that he recognised from his time in Baldurs Gate, realising that a past indescretion was about to messily catch up with him, he decided that it would be in his best interest to depart Loudwater as quickly and quietly as possible.

Zark (courtesy of WotC – FRCG)

While Æðelric bartered with the surly dwarf, Fargrim and Thoradin helped load the barrels onto the waiting barge. Everything was going well until Fargrim dropped a barrel, it broke open revealing its contents – a bound and gagged human child!

Zark made a run for it but was swiftly brought down by the party as the crew of the barge dove into the raging waters of the Delimbiyr, pursued by the enraged Fargrim. They party managed to capture 2 alive and 1 escaped, the other 3 perished in the attempt.

What is causing the preternatural winter? Why was Zark smuggling children out of the city? What threat do the Bloodreaver Orcs pose?

Session 4

Aethelric returned to Loudwater and linked up with the hardy souls that had removed the threat of the Lady of Shadows.

After plying them with copius amounts of brandy and the promise of treasure and splitting goblin skulls they agreed to help put an end to the threat of Sancossug and his goblins.

An unseasonal snowfall made travelling interesting until a sudden blizzard struck, the heroes weathered it but discovered that its origin may well have been fey induced.

The entrance to the goblin lair showed signs of recent traffic and so the heroes cautiously made their way into the complex.

Encountering minimal resistance they made their way to the crypt where their valiant predecessors perished only to be confronted by the horrror of the fallen heroes reanimated undead corpses, along with a brutishly huge zombie accompanying the Goblin High Shaman.

The heroes threw themselves into the melee and although Thoradin the Druid fell to the unnatural strength of the hulking undead his comrades managed to bring him back into the fray. Many were the cheers when Fargrim, the Paladin of Moradin, dropped the monster to the gore slicked floor, but their high spirits were short lived as it stood back up, albeit dripping ooze and ichor from its many wounds.

Although the two dwarfs ended up on the floor again, the heroes did manage to overcome the High Shaman and his abomination. As the goblin’s last breath escaped its lips the heroes took the time to pause and regroup.

Sancossug (image courtesy of The Crystal Shard, graphic novel by DDP

Is this the end of the Goblin threat? What has Chief Krand and the Bloodreavers to do with the goblins? What is causing the unusual weather patterns?

Session 3

A merchant caravan en route to Loudwater was being accompanied by a group of adventerous souls when they were waylaid by some human thugs led by a tiefling bandit. The heroes in training made short work of them and once they reached Loudwater learnt they were part of a local group of ne’er-do-wells under the control of the mysterious Lady of Shadows.

After some digging around they found that the group were extorting protection money from local businesses and were responsible for several locals going missing. A brawl in a bar turned nasty and the heroes discovered the time and location of a “secret” meeting.

Upon investigating they found the lady of shadows (a dark creeper) and her cohorts, despatching them with out too much trouble. Further noseying around unearthed the fact that slaves had been taken to the Zelbross bandits and the “snake men”.

The local store owners were quite grateful.

Who are the Zelbross Bandits and the snake men? What are they doing with the slaves? Why has it begun to snow so late into the sping season? What happened to the intrepid band that set out to stop the Goblins?

Session 2

After a rejuvenating rest Temegin the Barbarian waited above ground with the party’s oil laden cart (to guard the rear) as the remaining four heroes ventured further into the dwarven barrow.

They were soon met by a mixed group of Goblins and Hobgoblins and made short work of them, relieving them of the contents of their treasure chest before investigating the deep growling noises the ranger detected behind the locked door.

They opened the door to reveal another chamber housing a group of hobgoblins led by a warcaster and accompanied by a grey and dire wolf. Unfortunately it was during this furious melee that a couple of the heroes hit the dirt, and Rhogar the Dragonborn Warlord fell to the friendly fire side effects of Æðelric’s (Buttercup) Acid Arrow attack against the warcaster . Though saddened by their loss, the heroes hackles were raised when they discovered amongst the warcasters belongings a message from the chief of the orc Bloodreaver tribe instructing the hobgoblin/goblin forces to begin taking villagers as slaves.

After another rest to regroup and recuperate the remaining 3 heroes descended the narrow spiral walkway of the catacombs narrowly defeated a small group of Stirges that infested the chamber. The heroes finally confronted the High Shaman Sancossug in an effort to prevent him raising the Ogre King. Æðelric opened up with a spell which would have dealt the Shaman a mighty blow, only to see Sancossug use his power of misdirection to cause the magic to target Gnarsh the half-orc ranger that had courageously charged into melee with him. Richard the Paladin also entered the fray but the Shaman’s powers proved to much and soon the two warriors were lying helplessly on the ground before him.

Æðelric decided that retreat was the best option heard the hideous laughter of the High Shaman echoing after him up the catacombs as he finished the hapless heroes off.

Æðelric and Temegin returned to Loudwater to lick their wounds and find new allies so that they can return to the dwarven barrow and put a stop to the goblin menace and prevent the coming of the Ogre King.

Session 1

Well, the peaceful morning in Loudwater was shattered as the goblins blew a hole in the town’s south wall and poured through. The town militia was nowhere in sight, but thankfully some visiting adventurers rushed into the fray. Rapidly despatching the green-skinned menace. Unfortunately one unlucky townsman was caught in the initial assault, Lady Moonfire has sent her condolences to the family.

Gnarsh (the half-orc ranger), Rhogar (the dragonborn warlord), Richard D’eath (the human paladin), Temegin (the goliath barbarian), and the mage known only as “Buttercup”, later discovered the goblins were attempting to retrieve the “horn totem” from Garwens Curiosities.

Further investigation revealed that the goblins were raiding local caravans from a hidden base in nearby ruins. On their way there they were waylaid by more goblins. Once defeated they discovered that the goblins needed to totem to complete a ritual of some sort to raise “The Ogre King”.

Upon finding the goblins lair Gnarsh unfortunately triggered a trap on the entrance, and another fight ensued with the entry guards. Next they encountered more goblins and dwarven zombies.

Will the intrepid heroes-to-be survive the further terrors that await? Will the warlord end up on his rear once more? Will we ever discover “Buttercup“s real identity?


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