Scales of Aussiroth

Enchanted cold weather clothing made from the scales of a white dragon.


The Scales of Aussiroth are a set of cold-weather clothing made from the hide of Aussiroth the White, enchanted by his slayer the Uthgardt wizard Æðelric. The set so far consists of fur-lined gloves, bracers and a cloak.

The gloves of the set are fingerless so as not to impede spellcasting and bear a minor enchantment to keep the digits from freezing. Their magic gives the viciousness of Aussiroth’s claw attacks to the wearer — every time the user deals a critical hit the attack deals an extra 1d6 damage.

The bracers – though they provide some slight protection against blades and the cold – lie dormant most of the time, but when the wearer’s enemies are badly wounded they activate and fill him with Aussiroth’s bloodthirst. The wearer’s attacks against bloodied foes deal +2 damage.

The cloak, lined with winter-wolf fur exudes the same mist that surrounded Aussiroth in life, concentrated into a dense shroud that clings close to the wearer and obscures him from enemies. Any attacks from more than 5 squares away suffer a -5 penalty to hit the wearer. With a spoken command the fog can be reduced to thin whisps if the wearer feels safe from attack.


Scales of Aussiroth

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