Heart of Silvanus

Uncut Blue Quartz Ritual Focus


Level 10 item – Ritual Implement.

An uncut blue quartz crystal in the rough shape of a heart. Can be used by a Ritual caster to increase his/her level by 2 during the ritual.

If used by a follower of Silvanus it provides a further increase of an additional 2 levels to rituals based on either Nature or Healing and no material components are consumed.


Brother Griffon, whilst on one of his many wanderings, was given a vision by Silvanus, leading him to a remote part of the Star Mounts within the High Forest. After battling his way past many monsters and hardships he found himself in the deep caverns hidden within the mountains where a shining figure clad in oak-leaves presented him with the crystal. When his hands touched its glowing surface he felt a warmth spread throughout his tired form, but as the warmth spread and built in intensity so did the brightness of the gem until he could not stand to look at it anymore and passed out. When he came too he was back in his temple in Loudwater, his injuries healed and the gemstone glowing gently at the base of the great oak. As he began to doubt his memories, a face formed in the bark of the tree, the spirit of the oak-father spoke to him, saying that he had received the blessing of his god and that the Heart of Silvanus would aid his prayers.

The Heart has been a focal point of the temple ever since, local merchants have offered to cut the rough quartz to something more fitting but Brother Griffon has politely refused, saying “it must stay as Nature intended”.

Heart of Silvanus

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