Male Tiefling Bard


Wrynn has wandered the lands of Luruar and the Grey Vale for the last couple of years, plying his trade as a travelling minstrel in the more cosmopolitan and social towns and cities willing to see past his heritage to the artist beneath.

He continues to wander, accompanying various caravans and adventuring parties when available, in the hopes that the sites and sounds of the region will jog his jumbled mind and unlock his missing memory of his life prior waking up in an allyway behind an inn in Silverymoon 2 years ago.

Wrynn was captured travelling from Silverymoon, of the small merchant caravan he was travelling with only 4 others were captured, these were taken by the main group of Orc slavers to their lair somewhere in the Greypeak Mountains, he overheard his captors saying that he were being taken as “entertainment” for someone (or something) called Aussiroth.


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