Thoradin Earthblood

Male Dwarf Swarm-Druid


His first memory was of the outdoors. A woman who looked young… if in alien ways to him (later realising that she was an Eladrin). She cared for him and taught him the ways of nature and how to respect that which is given from nature itself. His warhammer was found grown from the earth, a tangled mass of roots and rock. More recently he remembers coming back to the clearing in which he lived with this guardian guardian to find her slain. A glowing arrow protruding from her side. He lost his mind with rage and ran. He ran until his feet bled and he buckled from fatigue. He looked up and saw the gates of Loudwater before him. Maybe… just maybe his answers were there.

Thoradin met his demise at the hands of thugs in a darkened street. While his body was being prepared for interment at the Temple of Silvanus, a white dragon attacked and stole it. Carrying it away towards the High Forest.

Thoradin Earthblood

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