Sebren the Magistrate

Middle-aged Male Human, Magistrate of Loudwater.

A shade under 6 foot tall this human male is of indeterminate build as he always appears in loose fitting robes of office. The only sign of his age is his salt-and-pepper hair, though his eyes have the keen edge of a sharp and calculating mind.

He lives in his fortified mansion house, built on the site of his family’s ancestral home in Loudwater, the sole remnant of a once prosperous merchant family that made their name in the shipping and transportation of the local farmers produce across northern Fearun.

He is always accompanied by at least two well-armed guards, and is known to have at least half a dozen on duty nearby at any one time.


Sebren gained the post of Magistrate some 15 years ago after leading the local merchants in their petition to Lady Moonfire for an elected representative to be the head of Loudwaters justice system. Rumours abounded that through a generous spread of money, he bought his win and was elected Magistrate, though no proof has ever been found of this.

It is no secret that Sebren and Captain Harrowleaf do not see eye to eye. The captian of the militia has so far successfully blocked several attempts of Sebren’s to disband the militia and replace them with his own standing force.

Sebren the Magistrate

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