Nazim Redthorn


“Lord” Nazim Redthorn is a tall, well muscled human male, appearing to be in his mid-40’s. He keeps his red hair cropped short in style reminiscent of military service.

He is usually found wearing his scale armour beneath a black surcoat embroidered with a red and gold trimmed gray circle, and armed with his triple-headed flail.

He is always accompanied by at least 2 members of his elite guard, and sometimes by as many as 12.


Redthorn has led the Iron Circle from a band of hill bandits, to an organised quasi-military group, stationed in the former Zhentarim stronghold of Llorkh. While many of the members of the Iron Circle and the townsfolk still “worship” the god Bane, Redthorn himself shows no significant religious leanings.

Lord Redthorn has no love for the Nighthawks or Bloodreavers (nor anyone else that threatens the smooth running of his “adopted” home), but seems quite happy for Æðelric’s troupe to take care of things before they can bother him. Burns your house down if you don’t behave (old habits die hard).

Since the heroes destroyed the remaining Zhentarim undead infesting the temple complex beneath the Tower of Green Flame, Redthorn has ordered a 4 man guard to be posted at the site at all times to keep all “curious souls” out.

Nazim Redthorn

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