Male Goliath Barbarian


Garusk comes from a mountain tribe and was a hunter. However, he exiled himself after a hunting accident saw his younger sister fall to her death, something which Garusk blames himself for.

Arriving in Amn looking for work, Garusk was hired by the thieves guild as muscle. After completing a few jobs beating a handful of coins out of merchants, Garusk felt that more of a challenge could be found elsewhere. His last contract was to kill Li. On discovering that this punishment was being meted out due to the death of her family at the hands of the guild, Garusk felt the Li’s murder was unwarranted and he was also reminded of the loss of family he had suffered. So he helped her avoid the assassination attempt and escape the city. The pair have been travelling north since.

Died defending his companions against marauding Gnolls.


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