Male Longtooth Shifter


Fenrir’s family lived on their farm in the Luruar valley near Silverymoon. Many such farms were subject to attacks from the “People of the Black Blood”, lycanthropic marauders fro the nearby Glimmerwood. Fenrir was born after his mother was raped during one such assault, but rather than hate the child his parents saw the inherent innocence in the child and raised it adulthood. In the last few years the raids had become more violent, instead of the occassional rape and theft of livestock, the raiders were wantonly slaughtering the farmers and livestock alike, and in some cases kidnapping. Several of the remaining farmers petitioned Silverymoon for aid but their forces were already spread too thin across the region and when they refused, the farmers pooled their resources and hired mercenaries.

One such band came to Fenrir’s farm and upon seeing him tried to attack him until his father and mother begged them to leave the boy alone, paying their few remaining coins to appease the men. The bands leader was a former Zhentarim(and still openly bore the symbol of Cyric proudly) and was angry at missing his “sport”, so after dark he ordered his men to return and razed the farm. Locking Fenrir’s parents inside as the building burned around them. Fenrir had been retrieving a sheep that escaped during their earlier visit and returned to see the mounted men laughing as the roof collapsed on the burning farmhouse. Overcome with rage he launched himself at the leader, catching him across the face with his claws and deeply gouging the flesh, before the mercenaries brought him down through numbers, and beat him to the ground.

Fenrir was left for dead by the mercenaries and was discovered by Brann, a priest of Oghma, who knew the family and had set out to make sure they were aware that the mercenaries were in the area in an effort to avoid just such an outcome. Finding the unconcious shifter, Brann tended his wounds and helped him bury his parents before bringing him back to the temple in Silverymoon to learn the teachings of Oghma.

Learning the ways of The Binder tempered Fenrir’s violent outbursts, and upon completing his studies he vowed to bring understanding through knowledge to others while thwarting the plans of chaos and its agents.


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