Male Dwarf Paladin of Moradin


Fargrim was orphaned at a young age, and spent his childhood in the care of the priests of Moradin. Growing up he studied with the priests and demonstrated a keen fondness for combat, leading to his decision to become a Paladin, a champion of Moradin.

His gruff nature and constant scowl might seem off putting at first, but those who know Fargrim will tell you he will fight for what is right, and protect his friends against any evil thrown their way, preferable with his trusty craghammer he commonly refers to as “Timmy”

He grew up in the city of Sundabar (though he can trace your lineage back to the city of Mirabar before the Spellplague). Travelled to Loudwater in the company of a trading caravan, working as a caravan guard to pay for your passage. With Loudwater having a small but growing dwarven community you see perfect chance to bring the word of Moradin.


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