Werewolf Shaman of Grey Wolves, Malarite


In his human form he appears to be a normal member of the Grey Wolf uthgardt tribe, though he has dirty red hair instead of the more common blonde and black.

In wolf and hybrid form his fur takes on the same shade as his human hair, making him appear more fox than wolf like, though none would dare say so to his face.

In whatever form he chooses he always has a necklace bearing the symbol of Malar made of some glowing red stone.


Colred was a student of Wulfric’s (the tribes shaman and Aetholrics father) and left shortly after Aetholric’s departure on a spirit quest to find his animal guide.

He returned several months later, with more than anyone could have expected. Bearing the symbol of Malar, he challenged Wulfric to ritual combat for the position of Shaman, the battle was furious as both shifted back and forth through their hybrid and human forms and seemed evenly matched until Wulfric began to suffer strange slashes apparently from some sort of magical attack by Colred that his lycanthropic regeneration failed to heal. As the old shaman fell to his knees he held his hands up in submission, signalling that he yield. Colred, in his hybrid form, lunged suddenly, biting deep into Wulfric’s throat and crushing the life from his victim, before releasing his hold and giving a deep howl to the sky. Colred stood there in full fiew of the tribe, its new shaman!

Under his advice and influence the tribe returned to a more savage existence and before long they were “encouraged” to leave Ravens Rock by the Black Raven tribe and moved to pastures new within the Glimmerwood. Since then the tribe has grown more feral, raiding nearby homesteads and massacring the farmers therein. On several occassions, prisoners are returned to the tribal grounds to participate in the Grand Hunt, where they are released in the dark woods and hunted by the werewolves, any that survive are let go free….none have done so, so far!


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