Uthgardt Human Male Wizard/Shaman


Æðelric’s fair skin, black hair and blue eyes reveal his Uthgardt heritage. Standing 5’10" and average of build, a full beard adorns his unremarkable features.

He dresses in enchanted Darkleaf robes with a few ‘barbaric’ touches like his wolfskin jerkin and his necklace made from Sancossug’s fingerbones. Always with his crytal orb close to hand, he now also holds proudly a straight red oaken staff carved with spiralling Espruar glyphs.

Oft-times distant, Æðelric sometimes drifts off completely, staring into nothingness or going into a full-blown trance with or without loss of conciousness. He says that at these times he is “communing” or “with the spirits”.

Æðelric’s character sheet (.xps image file)


Æðelric (pron. A-ee-thul-rik) is a young mage whose master recently disappeared, ending his apprenticeship and instigating the start of his career as an independent wizard.
He was born the son of the Gray Wolf tribe’s shaman, but at the appropriate age was apprenticed to Mendohl Harpell, a travelling wizard who was a dear but oft-absent friend to his father Wulfric. He would have been destined to take the mantle of tribe shaman, but showed far greater talent for arcane magic and Wulfric was eventually convinced he should be allowed to leave the tribe and study with the mage. Since Æðelric’s birth was marked by omens of change and travel, the shaman reluctantly accepted Æðelric’s destiny and allowed his friend to take his son away on his travels.

His mentor Mendohl is a wandering wizard and member of the Harpell family (a family of wizards from the town of Longsaddle) who through his family’s links with several groups in the area (most notably the dwarves of Mithril Hall and the City of Silverymoon) found strong friendship with Wulfric, the Shaman of the Grey Wolf Tribe. When he recently left Æðelric to continue studying he was heading into the wild lands of the northeast region of the nearby Greypeak Mountains and the close by borders of returned Netheril (fabled land of powerful evil sorcerers).

Æðelric retains his tribal values of honour, courage and vengeance, and sometimes embraces the savagery of his roots, but Mendhol has taught him much of culture, discipline, and even of the possibility of non-violent solutions. He still has a naive, tribal worldview (though is unsure of who his tribesfolk now are), but thirsts for knowledge and has devoured much of his Master’s library.

The high status of his birth gives him his arrogance and an expectation that others will willingly serve him. While courage is important, a tribe has warriors for good reason.

He focussed his early arcane studies on cold magic to honour his northern people, but has since learned to broaden his arsenal and has studied and “communed” in order to retrain in other disciplines.

After defeating the Goblin High Shaman Sancossug he underwent an extended “spirit journey”/trance which left him with a much stronger connection to the spirit world his father tried to introduce him to many years ago. Always a Mage first and foremost, his bond with the Spirit of The Gray Wolf guides his steps and points him towards greater magical skill.

Current Life
His current primary objective is to free the Grey Wolf people from the influence of a Malarite, thus to avenge his father; protect them from needless destructive conflict with their neighbors; and to stop them sliding into total savagery. However, he has become accustomed to what passes for civilisation in the Grey Vale, and doubts he could bear to stay on as their shaman and revert to their primitive lifestyle. He wonders if, when he has ousted the Malarite from the Grey Wolf tribe, he will seek to lead them towards more civilised ways, or if he will simply offer to take any willing back to Loudwater, where he sees the potential for a well balanced life in touch with nature but enjoying the benefits of society. Once the corrupt magistrate has been replaced by a more trustworthy leader that is. Someone like himself, perhaps.


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