Commander Acastus Kolya

Former Zhent turned Mercenary


An imposing man, maintaining his well built physique as he approaches his 50th year. His once jet black hair is beginning to streak with grey. His strong features are marred by ragged scars down the right-hand side of his face (caused by a young Fenrir).


Once commander of a large Zhentarim presence in the North, Kolya now leads his remaining troops and associated mercenaries as soldiers for hire.

He still holds to his faith in Cyric and the Zhentarim, and wears his old uniform with pride, openly displaying the symbol of Cyric.

His trusted lieutenants are his remaining Zhentarim, men and women who are loyal and will follow him to the death if necessary, the other mercenary troops obey out of fear,the cost of disobedience being death at Kolya’s own hands.

Whilst his troops have made no overt moves against the civilised areas of the region, rumours abound that he has destroyed more farmsteads than those he was hired to protect against.

Recent reports say that he is accompanied by a small group of men, in dark red and purple cloaks.

Commander Acastus Kolya

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