Loudwater & Beyond

Session 23

As the heroes journey to Everlund neared its end they came across an ambush in progress in a narrowing of the trail. Two men dressed in the now familiar garb of the Nighthawks were engaged with a pair of hired guards whilst another pair of guards defended their merchant employer. “50 gold each if you save me” shouted the merchant as the party approached the fray.

Li, Fenrir, Fargrim and Aetholric surged forward to aid against the Nighthawks, and as battle was joined the merchant stepped forward and blasted Li with magical fire! As if waiting for this signal the accompanying guards turned from their sparring with their assassin colleagues and joined the attack on the heroes.

With the others pre-occupied it was up to Father Tully and Wrynn as another figure came running from the concealing trees behind them, dressed in deep purple leather armour and wielding a wicked looking greatsword. With its first mighty strike it had Tully on his knees. The heroes noticed that the edges of the wound caused by the impressive blade were turning dark and hard.

As the melee continued, despite Tully’s repeated healing magics the newcomer had the upper hand and soon landed a telling blow, dropping the priest to the path, but before he could hit the dirt his entire body turned to a black porous stone and a surge of energy pulsed up the sword into into wielder as he turned his attention to the rest of the party.

The others had fared a little better with Aetholric’s spells despatching the guards with ease and the assassins and merchant/mage suffering heavy damage at the hands of his companions. They felt a pang of fear as the Tully fell and the newcomer strode towards them.

As Fenrir and Aetholric dropped one of the assassins, Li concentrated her attacks on the mage and Fargrim squared up to the approaching swordsman. Heavy blows fell on both sides and within minutes it was Fargrim that next felt the petrifying bite of the greatsword. To make matters worse, the heroes realised that as the energy pulse flared up the blade its wielders wounds healed. Then it was down to the swordsman, Li, Fenrir, Aetholric and Wrynn.

As Li and Fenrir engaged him, Aetholric and Wrynn gave supporting fire and much needed healing as the mysterious figure brought their allies close to falling before finally bringing him down.
The heroes caught their collective breath as they examined their fallen foe, and Wrynn realised he recognised him. His name was Mikus Gravelstoke, a member of a noble family from Netheril and rumoured to be the heads of the secretive society of killers known as the Nighthawks! The rest of the heroes looked at Wrynn in shock at this revelation, but the tiefling could only shrug and admit that he recognised the face but not how he knew it, another flash from the bard’s missing memories. As they examined their fallen comrades conditions Wrynn recalled another tale that mentioned that the Gravelstoke’s victims could only be revived by being smeared with blood from a living Gravelstoke! Their gazes dropped to the obviously deceased foe at their feet.

Aetholric and Fenrir, being more familiar with the area suggested they seek out healing and help within nearby Everlund. And so with heavy hearts (and heavier companions) they approached the city.



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