Loudwater & Beyond

Session 21

Communing with the spirits, Æðelric discovered that the spirit of Garusk was happily reunited with his sister in the happy hunting grounds of his Ancestors, and so with the assistance of Father Tully, laid their fallen comrade to rest.

Moving on with heavy hearts, the heroes came across a badly concealed kobold ambush. Letting the rage she felt at losing her long-time travelling companion, Li tore into the diminuative reptillians, her fury lending strength to her blows. Tully, Æðelric, and Wrynn minded the mounts as Li and Fargrim waded into the kobolds. As they did so a cloaked figure wielding an axe joined the fray, and between them they made short work of their foes.

As the last kobold slid lifeless to the ground, the stranger introduced himself as Fenrir, an Avenger of Oghma, who had been attempting to prevent such ambushes on the few merchant caravan’s that passed through this area. He was also looking for a former Zhentarim officer known to be leading a mercenary band in the region and after a brief discussion it was agreed that he could join the companions on their journey to each’s mutual benefit. Fenrir had heard rumours that the kobolds were working from a hidden lair somewhere near a local waterfall up a minor tributary of the Delimbyr river, so the party decided to track them down.

As they approached the wooded area around the waterfall they noticed a large number of lesser kobolds scattered around the area, suppossedly on watch but not doing a particularly good job of it. An armoured kobold stood within a circle of glowing runes, equally oblivious to the party’s approach. Mustering her stealth, Li crept through the concealing trees to strike the armoured kobold, fading back into the welcoming shadows before the witless creature realised it had been attacked. Fargrim and Fenrir charged up the surprisingly shallow stream, each dispatching kobolds as they swept onwards. One of the kobolds scampered up the rock face to the cave entrance from which the water cascaded, its excited yipping could be heard below, as the party slew the remaining kobolds without even breaking a sweat.

The sounds of more kobolds in the cave could be heard as the trio ascended to the cave entrance, Tully, Æðelric, and Wrynn once again remaining with the groups horses and gear. Cresting the entrance the heroes were faced with a dozen of the yapping beasts, swarming forward to hold the trio of invaders at the cave opening. As blow after blow laid a kobold low, another took its place. Just as the party began to make headway, slaying half of the annoying beasts, a pair of the armoured kobolds appeared from deeper within the caves, flanking one of their deranged wyrmpriests and a fat goblin, cloaked in wolf fur and wielding a pair of wicked axes.

Regardless of kobolds around him, Fargrim charged forwards to engage the grinning goblin as his companions continued to dispatch the lesser enemies. The dwarf and the goblin traded heavy blows, the goblin showing viscious prowess with his axes, as the wyrmpriest bombarded the dwarf with his balls of flame. Having dealt with their opponents, Fenrir assaulted the armoured kobolds to prevent them surounding his dwarven companion, as Li used the concealing shadows to find an advantageous spot from which to strike at the wyrmpriest.

The fight was brutal and bloody, with Fargrim falling before the goblins blades, only to stand once more as the magic of his armour revived him. Eventually their foes fell to the combined attacks of the trio and they searched the chambers from which the goblin and wyrmpriest had come. They discovered a locked chest and Li nimbly opened it, revealing several items that had been previously taken from caravans in the area, along with a note from Commander Acastus Kolya to Irontooth, advising that he was to take command of the kobold band and continue his raids. Kolya’s messenger would call on schedule to collect his cut.

After hiding the corpses onder the waterfall, and securing their mounts, the party decided to rest and await the arrival of Kolya’s messenger.

Some time later, Æðelric spotted a group of riders approaching. Tully, Æðelric, and Wrynn once more took the mounts to safety and kept them quiet while Fargrim, Li, and Fenrir waited in the cave as the riders dismounted. Leaving one of their number with their mounts, the other four ascended the cliff face to be confronted by the trio of heroes. Three of them were obviously nothing more than hired thugs and these fell quickly, but their leader was of a sharper cut, wielding his longsword with finesse and accuracy. Li managed to force him back out of the cave, hoping the drop of the falls would cause him serious harm, unfortunately his lithe form twisted and he landed on his feet with cat-like grace. Not to be outdone, with a shout of “Canonball” Fargrim took a running leap from the cave mouth, tucking his legs and aiming to drop his armoured bulk onto the messenger, but missing terribly and landing hard in the shallow pool. Fenrir and Li descended with a little more grace and then the trio set to with renewed ferver against the swordsman, trading several more blows before he fell to their onslaught.



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