Loudwater & Beyond

Session 19

As the heroes faced off against the Zhents it looked as if they were going to have a hard time of it, but once they had broken the phalanx of the undead soldiers the battle soon went their way. Li managed to take the sorcerous wight out of action with well placed attack from her deadly crossbow. Soon the Zhentarim littered the floor, doomed to rise no more.

The immediate threat taken care of Aetholric examined the pool which was giving off magical emanations to his arcane sight. As he viewed it, the murky liquid swirled, revealing a vision of the room where the heroes had faced the “chess” undead.

Returning to the tranquil safety of the room they were using as a base they encountered a hidden trap, Li quickly disabled the pressure plate and the close by door trigger of the hidden magical crossbow trap, and the way was clear.

Wrynn was waiting for them, his attempts to remove the elemental embers from the large brazier had been unsuccessful but he had used the fiery device to dispose of the remaining Zhentarim corpse parts, just in case.

After resting the heroes continued their explorations, returning to the room with the viewing pool, Aetholric sensed magical emanations from two adjoining rooms. One contained a pair of small fonts held up by stone cherubs, which seemed to contain restorative liquids. The other revealed a large blood red glyph on the floor with a large chest beyond it and a large bronze brazier styled to resemble a roaring dragon. While the others suddenly found something very urgent and important to do elsewhere, Li examined the room, discovering the glyph was a trigger to somesort of trap from the brazier. As she attempted to disable it, it activated, spraying the area with fierce flames. After a couple more attempts she finally disabled it only to discover that the chest was a solid stone decoy!

Continuing onwards the heroes discovered a collection of shrines dedicated to Mask, Bhaal, Myrkul and another smaller altar to Cyric. These were guarded by more Zhentarim undead with several shambling corpses of former villagers. The heroes faced attacks from several fronts but weathered the assault. Finally laying to rest the last of the undead Zhentarim, before Aetholric reactivated the magical portal, returning them to the base of the Tower of Green Flame.

As they appeared they found themselves surrounded by waiting Iron Circle guards who escorted them to Iron Keep and an audience with Lord Redthorn himself. His offer of stock replenishment as reward for their actions met with contempt and disdain from the heroes. Despite their attempts to coerce and intimidate a more substantial reward, they left empty handed and heavy hearted.

Returning the the Cliffside Brewery and Tavern, the party made casaul conversation with several off-duty members of the Iron Circle when Garusk noticed a trio of strangers leaving the taproom and caught a brief glimpse of a familiar silver dagger!

As the party pursued them, the trio split up, two entering a small residence while the third skirted around the back and over the low garden wall. Fargrim and Li chased the lone figure while their companions prepared to assault the building. As Fargrim vaulted the wall the revealed Nighthawk fired his crossbow, the bolt burying itself deep into the dwarfs flesh. Rather than slow him down the injury just enraged the paladin and he proceeded to close with the Nighthawk, discovering that his companions had exited the building by another door and lay in wait. Hearing the sounds of combat the rest of the party moved to investigate, finding the remaining Nighthawks and engaging them. The battle was short but bloody, though with the help of Father Tully and his healing powers, the heroes managed to defeat the trio of assassins.

As the dust settled, and the heroes began to examine the bodies, the sound of approaching armoured feet could be heard rapidly approaching………


Hmmm, if Garusk was to get knocked prone and hit the ground, who’s betting he’d miss? LMAO.

Session 19

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