Loudwater & Beyond

Session 18

Die, Zhent, Die!

As the heroes finished crumbling the last part of the Altar of Cyric to rubble they heard a chime resound throughout the complex, coming from the chamber with the magic circle in which they had appeared. Returning to the chamber they found their comrade Æðelric, resplendant in his newly enchanted dragon-skin cloak. The wizard had come looking for his wayard companions and the Iron Circle had directed him to the Zhentarim temple below the Tower of Green Flame.

After taking a few moments to bring each other up to speed it was agreed that if the undead in the altar room had been brought back to unlife, maybe those in the other chambers the heroes had previously faced had too. Wrynn decided to remain in th chamer with the urn containing the everburning embers in an effort to see if they could be taken with them as they others made their way to the chamber that contained the shelves of Necromancy books.

Sure enough several undead were present, though not for long as the party made short work of the rotting creatures. Passing through Cyrics shrine once more they were relieved to see that the altar remained in pieces and no undead had revived. Li examined the doors leading from the chamber, discovering they were warded with another necrotic glyph. Bypassing it they entered the next chamber to discover what at first glance seemed to be an over-sized game of chess, with several soldier pieces flanked by hulking armoured brutes. When these began to move however it became clear that they were more undead Zhentarim with zombified Ogres in tow.

They heroes quickly engaged the foul creatures and morale was high as the Ogre’s fell, only to be dashed once again as the beasts rose up, flesh hanging of their bodies in huge chunks. When the party put them down a second time the creatures did not rise again.

Exploring further they discovered a poorly hidden pit trap in the next chamber, which Li proceeded to disable (Father Tully tested it by jumping up and down on it). Turning south Garusk and Fargrim opened a door, triggering another necrotic glyph, and revealing a small chamber containig a shrine to Bane. An undead Zhent priest stood before an onyx statue of the Black Lord in his form as the Tyrant (an armoured figure with sword resting and a globe in his other hand) with Zhent soldiers around him. The battle was swift and bloody with the undead soon lying strewn around the room. Æðelric examined the statue finding that th globe was exquisitely carved to represent Faerûn itself and could be removed from the statue. Rather than do so by hand the wizard conjured a magical extension of his own hand and lifted the orb free, as he did so an ominous grinding sound like stone on stone echoed through the complex. The wizard tried replacing the orb but nothing further seemed to happen. Unwilling to leave a shrine dedicated to an evil god intact, the party proceeded to smash it to pieces, after which Fargrim picked up several fist-sized chunks and placed them in his backpack.

The small door that led from this room led into what looked like an ante-chamber with a set of double doors embossed with a scene of a robed skeletal figure striding across a field of fallen warriors, rays of power streaking from his outstretched hand to strike the bodies. The party were able to identify this as a representation of Myrkul, former god of the dead that was slain by Cyric on his journey into godhood. Li unlocked the doors to reveal the chamber beyond and the undead Zhentarim forces standing ready to face them……



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